Ozzie, Shawn and I made a trip up to Fresno earlier this week. Met up with Peacock, Ryan and Adrina for a whirlwind pool mission. 6 pools in 6 hours…epic to say the least.

On the road

Pulled into Fresno around 10am and were in this backyard within minutes.

Shawn at pool #2

Pebble Technicians

Ryan rips a BS ollie over the stairs at #4

Ozzie, FS Box at Ray’s

Peacock over the loveseat at the infamous Hogan’s Pool

I even managed to put down the camera and get a truck on

Sun was setting, so we said our goodbyes, stopped for some food and by 5:30pm we were on the road heading home. Super long day, but totally worth it. Huge thanks to Josh, Ryan and Adrina for taking us around and sharing some epic gems.

Ozzie has his story and more photos here:

The Other Ones.

The Skateboard Mag has The Other Ones video on their site, featuring insanity by Ben Raybourn, Ryan Reyes, Jaws and a whole gang of heavy rippers.
Watch the whole thing here:!/media/54736/channel/15236/the-other-ones

Raybourn is out of his mind…