Colorado Grinders Negativeion Cohorts.

Colorado has some serious skate terrain, maybe even some you don’t know about. Jerry breaks down anything and everything that is/was worth skating in Colorado. You can spend hours on this site… I did.




Rennie Fest.

Tristan Rennie just had his 14th birthday and decided to celebrate with a little session at Punker’s. Tristan always has the most beer at his parties than any other teenager I know. Good kid.

Birthday Clown inverted


Aaron Ebel

Brad Markley

Yerman’s were in the house…
Nate Yerman

Ronnie Yerman

Mad Doggy

Taco Dudes provided amazing tacos all day long

Eddie takes a break from behind the grill to get some grinds

Morgan Wolf

Nathan Rennie has been killing it lately

Thanks to Ron and Nancy, the Rennies, and Taco Dudes for another great day of shred and good times.